Make Wheelset

stronger and

stiffer than ever

The biggest advantage of carbon wheelset is the unparalleled stiffness, especially, the lateral stiffness. This stiffness affects the riding experience.

With a 26” or 27.5” carbon wheelset, riders will not feel so much, because of the smaller wheel diameter. But when it comes with 29” wheel, riders would feel it remarkably.

With a bigger wheel diameter, without enough lateral stiffness, this makes riders feel floppy.



Starting from durability and stability, we still try to provide much more affordable hub options for OEM businesses besides DT Swiss bike hubs. DT Swiss hubs are good and super, but still not affordable enough for many riders. And we still try to arrange the better and easier delivery time and after-market service for carbon wheels.


Our own bike hubs could bring the best combination of durability, stability, costs, availability, and service for customers! We are also able to help customers to develop their own preferred hubs. Especially for OEM deliveries, using our own hubs, carbon wheels can be very affordable for giving more attractions to completed bikes. In the futures, most of our carbon wheels will be built with our own bike hubs without compromising materials, bearings and precision.



Spokes & nipples are the second fragile component for a carbon wheel but have the same importance as a hub. The big tension is distributed to each spoke and each nipple. The lucky thing is that they both have super stability already. We just need to focus on the wheel’s weight, stiffness, and costs.

We have close cooperations with the main spoke & nipple manufacturers in the world. We mainly use Sapim spokes and nipples for high-end carbon wheels. We use Pillar spokes and nipples for basic carbon wheels. Customers could also assign any other spokes & nipples according to their own preference for building carbon wheels.




Many people could do wheel-assembly work by themselves.

It’s about time, patience, and details.

Why do we still provide wheel assembly for customers?

Firstly, we could control the quality better.

During wheel assembly, we could easily find out any flaws and make adjustments or improvements the first time.

For this, the most important is the spoke lacing angles.


Secondly, customers could be able to be more focused, not distracted by so much complicated production and assembly work.

We would always make sure the wheels go to customers’ hands are carefully assembled, well branded, packaged & protected.



First, it’s about spoke length, right spoke length gives fewer broken spokes during riding. Second, it’s about spoke tension.

The spoke tension can’t be too low, and not too high either.

The most important is an evenly distributed spoke tension among each spoke. Also, we release and re-adjust the spoke tension at least three times for each wheel, which make sure the minor tension tolerance and minimize the change of spoke tension during riding.

Third, it’s about wheel tolerance. There are totally three items to be checked: roundness, flatness, and central alignment, which all have a big relation to the original rim quality.

Better quality of carbon rims always means less pain in truing wheels.

We always control the tolerance within 0.3mm on our wheels.

So far we have built wheels for the customers who race on tourdefrance, olympic games and other UCI races.