Alicebicycle is a seasoned manufacturer of carbon wheels and is committed to continual improvement. Although we offer OEM pricing, our prices are often higher than the competition. We are committed to quality and working conditions and our factory layout is unique in the industry. Because we work hard and are trustworthy, we build long-lasting relationships with OEM partners.

Mold Cost: By quote, please contact us at

Payment: PayPal (3.5% fee), Wire Transfer (USD45 Fee). For orders over $4,000 USD, there is a 50% deposit and 50% before shipping.

Rim Testing: After mold completion (typically three weeks), we conduct destructive testing and e mail the data for review. The customer will receive two test rims. We will send two more test rims to the customer if rim modifications are required. Additional rims above this point will be subject to additional charges. All shipping costs are the responsibility and risk of the customer.

Engineering: Our engineers have a lot of experience so modifications are rare. We recommend a small initial production run to ensure quality. Our staff can help with any aspect of the design if you don’t have an in-house engineer for composite engineering.

Production Lead Times: Lead time is 3-4 weeks for most orders with about one week shipping (EMS Air Shipping). DHL shipping can be ordered at an additional charge if you need a quicker transit. For large orders, container shipping is also possible.

We are grateful for the chance to offer a quote and look forward to hearing from you soon!

How to design, develop, test and produce carbon rims?

We are experienced and advanced!

Carbon Fiber Rims Cross Section

Finished Carbon Fiber Rims

How to design, develop, test and produce carbon rims?

We are experienced and advanced!







Layup design

Mold R&D

– Molding cost

– Molding production time

– Mold thickness

– Resin groove design

– Dimension standard

– Mold opening methods

Product Test

Mass production

Trial Production 10-20 pcs

– Stable quality

– Inspect the abnormal

– Complete production standard and requirements

Issue QC standard data sheet

– Rough product QC standard

– Finished product QC standard

Inspecting categories; Inspecting standard; Inspecting tools and methods.