More Choice When Ordering Custom Carbon Rims In Alicebicycle

Alice offers a wider range of weaves for carbon bicycle rims than only UD, 3K, and 12K! This is where you'll locate your favorite look.
What's the difference between UD, 3K, 12K, 15K, 3K twill, 18K, 15K twill, marble, and silver 18K weaves?
Unidirectional (UD): 
All fibers are parallel, hence there is no visible weave pattern. The bundles (tows) of carbon filaments that make up unidirectional carbon fiber are all orientated in the same direction. This cloth does not appear to have a weave.
3K twill/15K twill:
Twill weave looks like a wicker basket. Because two tows in each direction are woven in a two-over, one-over, and one-under pattern, this weave is slightly more difficult than bidirectional. The sawtooth diagonal pattern that results forms a sawtooth pattern across the fabric. The twill weave provides higher conformability, a lovely herringbone texture, and a modest strength advantage.
Woven Fabric: 
Weave types include 3k, 12k, 15k, and 18k. The number denotes the number of fibers in each weave tow (3000, 12000, 15000, 18000). The weave width of carbon fiber is used to determine its size. A 3K weave, for example, will be roughly 3mm wide, whereas a 12K weave will be approximately 12mm wide, and so on.
Marble Weave: 
This type of aesthetic treatment just has a decorative effect and has no practical impact on material strength or other factors.
Different weaves can provide varying degrees of strength and appearance. The strength and weight of the rims are nearly identical. The visual look is 3k / 12k / UD / 15k / 18K / 3k twill / 15k twill / silver 18k/ Marble.
In a nutshell, do whatever you want. If you require an appearance other than UD / 3K / 12K, please email us or contact us online while placing your order.
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