How are carbon fiber bicycle rims made?

You must be a passionate cyclist to learn how carbon fiber bicycle wheels are made. Carbon fiber is the best material to make carbon fiber bicycle wheels.

This article will explain how to make carbon fiber bicycle wheels. It covers everything from pre-fabrication of carbon fiber sheets to the final build.

3D Drawing Design of The Carbon Rims

We need to determine which type of bicycle rims we want, for what terrain and for which application. Which type of tire should you use? Tubeless, tubeless, clincher?

Our R&D team will start work on the development form, create the 3D drawings, and simulate in the computer. After the 3D drawings are complete, we will print a 3D sample to verify details and optimize the cross-section to make it aerodynamic.

The Prepreg Carbon Fiber Sheet can be cut
Pre-forming carbon fiber into various shapes and angles was the first step in the production. These carbon fiber sheets will be used to pre-form for rims, and then lay-up.

Pre-forming the carbon rims and Laying them up

For curing, place the pre-formed Rims into the Rim Mold

Curing the Rims

Drill the Valve Holes and Spoke

In-House Testing


Bicycle rims made from carbon fiber are 100% hand-made. The production process, which includes pre-forming carbon rims and then putting them into the forming machine for curing, is all done by workers.

We aim to provide high-quality, high-performance carbon fibre bicycle wheelsets that are professional quality and durable for all cyclists around the globe.

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