Free Coating Carbon Bicycle Rim

With the continuous enhancement of people’s awareness of environmental protection.Environmental-protection products design becomes more and more popular,bicycle market is no exception.The result that a new production technology featured,we call it raw finish,also known as free coating or without coating carbon rims.

What’s a raw finish rim?

Simply put, a rim formed at high temperatures does not require any coating. The original carbon fiber texture can still be clearly seen (see the middle image).

Raw finish rims do not need post-production. The texture and flaws of the carbon fiber can all be seen once the mold is removed. The groove of the raw finish rim is covered in 3k carbon. This makes it even more beautiful. There is no wet grinding, no polishing, and no refinishing.

Why We Choose Raw Finish Rim:

1. No complicated procedures are required

2. Pure natural, more environmentally friendly

3. Short production time

4. Highly scratch-resistant

5.Lighter Weight

Differences between Raw Finish Rim and Original UD finish rims

Raw finishOriginal Carbon Finish
Don’t need paintneeds to be painted
Short production timelonger production time
Highly scratch-resistanteasy to scratch
Lighter weightheavier weight

Finally, Raw finish is the same as Original carbon finish in the choice of materials, and can also be used to make all kinds of rims.

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