Discover the epic Ster ZLM Toer

Ster ZLM Toer

The Ster ZLM Toer, often simply referred to as the ZLM Tour, is a prestigious professional road cycling stage race held annually in the Netherlands and Belgium. This event has become a staple in the international cycling calendar, attracting some of the world’s top cyclists and teams. With its rich history, challenging routes, and passionate fan base, the Ster ZLM Toer has firmly established itself as a prominent fixture in the world of professional cycling.

Historical Background:

The Ster ZLM Toer traces its origins back to 1989 when it was first organized as the ‘West-Brabantse Pijl’ or the West Brabant Arrow. It started as a one-day race and gradually evolved into a multi-stage event over the years. The race underwent several name changes and sponsorships until it became the Ster ZLM Toer in 2009 when the Dutch insurance company ZLM Verzekeringen became the primary sponsor.

Race Format:

The Ster ZLM Toer typically spans several days, usually taking place in early to mid-June. It is officially categorized as a 2.1 event on the UCI Europe Tour, making it one of the most prestigious stage races in Europe. The 2.1 classification signifies its significance in the cycling world and its ability to attract top-tier teams and riders.

The race format varies from year to year, but it usually consists of several stages, including flat stages for sprinters, hilly stages that favor climbers and puncheurs, and sometimes even an individual time trial stage. This diversity in terrain and racing styles ensures that the event remains exciting and unpredictable.

Routes and Terrain:

The Ster ZLM Toer is known for its challenging and diverse routes. The race traditionally takes place in the southern part of the Netherlands and often ventures into neighboring Belgium. This region is characterized by rolling hills, cobbled sections, and narrow roads, providing a tough test for the riders.

One of the standout features of the race is its inclusion of cobbled sectors reminiscent of the legendary Paris-Roubaix race. These cobbled sections add an element of unpredictability and excitement to the race, as they can cause splits in the peloton and play a crucial role in the outcome.

The race organizers carefully select the routes to showcase the picturesque landscapes and historic towns of the region, making it not only a challenging competition but also a visual spectacle for fans and television viewers alike.

Notable Winners and Contenders:

Over the years, the Ster ZLM Toer has attracted some of the biggest names in professional cycling. Riders like André Greipel, Tom Dumoulin, Peter Sagan, and Lars Boom have all tasted success in this race. The list of former winners is a testament to the event’s prestige and competitiveness.

The race has also been a proving ground for emerging talents, with young riders often using it as an opportunity to make their mark on the professional circuit. This blend of experienced champions and rising stars adds to the excitement of the competition.

Fan Engagement:

The Ster ZLM Toer is not just a race for the cyclists; it’s also a celebration of cycling for the fans. Dutch and Belgian cycling enthusiasts come out in droves to support the event, lining the roads to cheer on their favorite riders and teams. The atmosphere at the race is electric, with fans creating a sea of color along the routes.

In addition to the live spectators, the race also garners a significant television audience, both domestically and internationally. Cycling fans from around the world tune in to watch the Ster ZLM Toer, further elevating its status in the global cycling community.


The Ster ZLM Toer is a premier stage race that has captivated the hearts of cycling fans and professionals alike. Its rich history, challenging routes, and impressive list of winners make it a must-watch event on the international cycling calendar. Whether you’re a seasoned cycling enthusiast or a casual sports fan, the Ster ZLM Toer promises excitement, drama, and a showcase of some of the best talent in professional cycling. With each passing year, this race continues to solidify its place as a true gem in the world of road cycling.

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