Analytics of Chinese Bicycle Parts Export Data from 2015-2023 with 2024 Forecast

2015-2023 Bicycle Accessories Monthly Export Volume

This data spans from 2015 to 2023, covering the export statistics of unspecified parts and accessories for bicycles from China. Given the extended time frame, the data in this table is considered to have relatively minor deviations. Long-term trends from the table indicate that February consistently represents a low point in export volumes each year. This is attributed to the Chinese New Year holiday when people joyfully celebrate with their families. Subsequently, export volumes steadily climb, reaching a peak in November and December.

2023 Bicycle Accessories Month Export Volume

Now, let’s focus on the specific details for the year 2023:

In February 2023, still influenced by the Chinese New Year holiday, export volumes are at a trough, reaching only 52.57 million USD, a significant contrast to January’s 120.98 million USD, not even half of the January value. March sees a rapid ascent, becoming the second-highest value in the year, closely following January. Then, in the following months, export volumes exhibit a fluctuating pattern, at times high and at times low.

Bicycle Accessories Annual Output Volume

So, what about the future economic trajectory?

From the chart, it’s evident that export values peaked in 2021, likely due to China’s proactive and robust response to COVID-19. However, in the past two years, 2022 and 2023, export volumes have seen a year-on-year decline, correlating with the sharp downturn in the global economic situation during these years. Nevertheless, there is reason to believe that the world will progressively improve, and China’s export economy will experience a resurgence!

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