In the heart of Xiamen, China, Alice Bicycle thrives. With a 16-year legacy, we’re more than carbon rim makers – we create remarkable cycling experiences.
Quality is our core. A 2000 sqm workshop, 60 artisans, passion in each piece. Our legacy is unwavering quality. We bridge dreams – ODM, OEM, OBM services, limitless possibilities. Carbon rims, wheels, hubs, precision in every aspect.
Alice Bicycle isn’t just a brand; it’s a promise. Tech and tradition blend for excellence. Global reach shapes cycling dreams into reality. EN standards guide us, resonating in each product. Customer trust stems from our commitment to safety and satisfaction. We offer experiences beyond products. Choose Alice Bicycle, a journey as unique as you are. We stand by 24/7. Online support propels your dreams to ride faster, higher, farther.
Alice Bicycle: Where Dreams Ride Free. Join us; let’s create cycling magic.

R&D Team

– Microscopic Analysis and test of Material

– Product structure and lay up design

– Create SOP for each product

– Mold Tooling design

– Customized manufacturing process design

– Module design for one-stop solution

– Product performance & application evaluation

Production Team

– Raw Material Storage

– Prepreg Cutting

– Hand Layup

– Curing

– Drilling

– Sanding & Polishing

– Painting & Decal

QC Team

– Manufacturing quality control

– Product ISO4210 test and certify

– ISO9000 quality management

IT & Social Media Team

– Develop and build ERP system

– Build websites incl. shops

– Online marketing

– Share photos and videos

– Share visions and actions